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"1234567890qwertyuiop[]asdfghjklzxcvbnm.@-_QWERTYUIOPASDFGHJKLZXCVBNM"; var reg1 = /(@.*@)|(\.\.)|(@\.)|(\.@)|(^\.)/; // invalid var reg2 = /^.+\@(\[?)[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.]+\.([a-zA-Z]{2,4}|[0 -9]{1,3})(\]?)$/; // valid for(i=0; i <str.length;i++) { if(ok.indexOf(str.charAt(i)) < 0) { return false; } } if (!reg1.test(str) && reg2.test(str)) { // syntax OK return true; } return false; } function ShowDept() { document.location = "/exe/main_resultats_envoi_form.asp?dis_id=%2D1&end=t&res_pays_id=" + document.res_form.res_pays[document.res_form.res_pays.selectedIndex].value; } function y2k(number) { return (number < 1000) ? number+1900: number; } function isValidDate(myDate) { var sep = "/"; // checks if date passed is in valid dd/mm/yyyy format if (myDate.length == 10) { if (myDate.substring(2,3) == sep && myDate.substring(5,6) == sep ) { var date = myDate.substring(0,2); var month = myDate.substring(3,5); var year = myDate.substring(6,10); var test = new Date(year,month-1,date); if (year == y2k(test.getYear()) && (month-1 == test.getMonth()) && (date == test.getDate())) { return true; } else { return false; } } else { return false; } } else { return false; } } function CheckEntry() { var tmp_date; tmp_date = "" + document.res_form.res_day.value + "/" + document.res_form.res_month.value + "/" + document.res_form.res_year.value; if (document.res_form.res_pays.value == "") { alert("Please choose a country"); return; } if (document.res_form.res_departement.value == "") { alert("Please choose a department"); return; } if (document.res_form.City.value == "") { alert("Please enter a city"); return; } if (document.res_form.Discipline.value == "") { alert("Please choose a discipline"); return; } if (document.res_form.Name_Manifestation.value == "") { alert("Please enter the name of the manifestation"); return; } if (document.res_form.Proof_Name.value == "") { alert("Please enter the proof name"); return; } if (isValidDate(tmp_date) == false) { alert("The date of the event is invalid."); return; } if (document.res_form.Name_Manager.value == "") { alert("Please enter the name of the manager"); return; } if (document.res_form.Email_Manager.value == "") { alert("Please enter Manager Email"); return; } if (CheckEmailFormat(document.res_form.Email_Responsible.value) == false) { alert("The responsible email address is invalid!"); return; } if (document.res_form.File.value == "") { alert("Please select the results file"); return; } document.res_form.submit(); } var already = ""; function ShowFileFormat() { if ( already != "") { WinFileFormat.close(); }'/exe/main_resultats_annonce_format_fichier.asp','WinFormatFile','toolbar=no,location=no,directories=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,resizable=no,width =491, height=650'); WinFileFormat.focus(); already = "yes"; } </script> <center> <img src=" " border="0" ALT="Le-Sportif website .com"> <center> <br> <table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" width="460"> <tr> <td width="8" valign="bottom" align= "left"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_coins/coin_vert.gif " width="8" height="18" border="0"></td> <td bgcolor="#7bad08" valign="middle " align="left" width="452"> <p class="whitetitles">RESULTS</p> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="8" valign="bottom" align= "left">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="top" width="452"><br> <img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0"> <b>Publish your results for FREE</b><br> <br> This form allows organizers and timekeepers to publish the results of their sporting events.<br> <br> You must complete 1 form per event (ex: 1 for the Marathon, 1 for the 10Km, 1 for the 5Km, ...).<br> <br> The results will be published on our site after validation by our team. <br><br> <FORM action=" /exe/main_resultats_envoi_form_submit.asp " method="post" name="res_form" ENCTYPE="multipart/form-data"> <INPUT type='hidden' name='dis_id' value='-1'><INPUT type='hidden' name='intneut' value=''><INPUT type='hidden' name='cafi' value=''><INPUT type='hidden' name= 'end' value='t'> <table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" width="452"> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td bgcolor ="#edf4fc" width="134"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">Country</td > <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" valign="middle" align="left" width="281"><select name="res_country" size="1" onChange="javascript:ShowDept()"> <option value ="" selected>- Choose a country -</option> <option value="FR" selected>France</option> <option value="DE">Germany</option> <option value="LX">Luxembourg </option> <option value="BE">Belgium</option> <option value="CH">Switzerland</option> <option value="OS">Austria</option> <option value="MC" >Monaco</option> <option value="AND" >Andorra</option> <option value="DNK">Denmark</option> <option value="NLD">Netherlands</option> <option value="IT">Italy</option> <option value ="SP">Spain</option> <option value="SP2">Catalonia</option> <option value="PO">Portugal</option> <option value="GB">United Kingdom</option > <option value="IRL">Ireland</option> <option value="USA">United States</option> <option value="CAN">Canada</option> <option value="RUS">Russia </option> <option value="KE">Kenya</option> <option value="MA">Morocco</option> <option value="AG">Algeria</option> <option value="TUN" >Tunisia</option> <option value="KH">Cambodia</option> <option value="XX">Other</option> </select>(*)</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width="134"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace ="3">Department</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="281"><select name="res_department" size="1"> <option value="" selected >- Choose a department -</option> <option value="2">01 - Ain< /option> <option value="3">02 - Aisne</option> <option value="4">03 - Allier</option> <option value="5">04 - Alpes de Haute Provence</option > <option value="6">05 - Hautes Alpes</option> <option value="7">06 - Alpes Maritimes</option> <option value="8">07 - Ardèche</option> <option value="9">08 - Ardennes</option> <option value="10">09 - Ariège</option> <option value="11">10 - Dawn</option> <option value="12" >11 - Aude</option> <option value="13">12 - Aveyron</option> <option value="14">13 - Bouches du Rhône</option> <option value="15">14 - Calvados</option> <option value="16">15 - Cantal</option> <option value="17">16 - Charente</option> <option value="18">17 - Charente Maritime</option > <option value="19">18 - Cher</option> <option value="20">19 - Corrèze</option> <option value="21">20 A - South Corsica</option> < option value="22">20 B - Haute Corse</option> <option value="23">21 - Côte d'Or</option> <option value="24">22 - Cotes d'Armor</ option> <option value="25">23 - Hollow</option > <option value="26">24 - Dordogne</option> <option value="27">25 - Doubs</option> <option value="28">26 - Drôme</option> <option value= "29">27 - Eure</option> <option value="30">28 - Eure et Loir</option> <option value="31">29 - Finistère</option> <option value="32" >30 - Gard</option> <option value="33">31 - Haute Garonne</option> <option value="34">32 - Gers</option> <option value="35">33 - Gironde </option> <option value="36">34 - Hérault</option> <option value="37">35 - Ille et Vilaine</option> <option value="38">36 - Indre</option > <option value="39">37 - Indre et Loire</option> <option value="40">38 - Isère</option> <option value="41">39 - Jura</option> <option value="42">40 - Landes</option> <option value="43">41 - Loir et Cher</option> <option value="44">42 - Loire</option> <option value=" 45">43 - Haute Loire</option> <option value="46">44 - Loire Atlantique</option> <option value="47">45 - Loiret</option> <option value="48"> 46 - Lot</option> <option value="49">47 - Lot and Boy ne</option> <option value="50">48 - Lozère</option> <option value="51">49 - Maine et Loire</option> <option value="52">50 - Manche</ option> <option value="53">51 - Marne</option> <option value="54">52 - Haute Marne</option> <option value="55">53 - Mayenne</option> <option value="56">54 - Meurthe et Moselle</option> <option value="57">55 - Meuse</option> <option value="58">56 - Morbihan</option> <option value=" 59">57 - Moselle</option> <option value="60">58 - Nièvre</option> <option value="61">59 - North</option> <option value="62">60 - Oise</option> <option value="63">61 - Orne</option> <option value="64">62 - Pas de Calais</option> <option value="65">63 - Puy de Dôme </option> <option value="66">64 - Pyrénées-Atlantiques</option> <option value="67">65 - Hautes Pyrénées</option> <option value="68">66 - Pyrénées Orientales< /option> <option value="69">67 - Bas-Rhin</option> <option value="70">68 - Haut-Rhin</option> <option value="71">69 - Rhône</ option> <option value="72">70 - Upper Saone </option> <option value="73">71 - Saone et Loire</option> <option value="74">72 - Sarthe</option> <option value="75">73 - Savoy</option > <option value="76">74 - Haute Savoie</option> <option value="77">75 - Paris</option> <option value="78">76 - Seine Maritime</option> <option value="79">77 - Seine et Marne</option> <option value="80">78 - Yvelines</option> <option value="81">79 - Deux Sèvres</option> <option value= "82">80 - Somme</option> <option value="83">81 - Tarn</option> <option value="84">82 - Tarn and Garonne</option> <option value="85" >83 - Var</option> <option value="86">84 - Vaucluse</option> <option value="87">85 - Vendée</option> <option value="88">86 - Vienne< /option> <option value="89">87 - Haute Vienne</option> <option value="90">88 - Vosges</option> <option value="91">89 - Yonne</option> < option value="92">90 - Territory of Belfort</option> <option value="93">91 - Essonne</option> <option value="94">92 - Hauts de seine</option> <option value="95">93 - Seine st Denis</ option> <option value="96">94 - Val de Marne</option> <option value="97">95 - Val d'Oise</option> <option value="98">GUA - Guadeloupe</ option> <option value="99">MAR - Martinique</option> <option value="100">REU - Reunion</option> <option value="101">GUY - Guyana</option> <option value ="102">POL - Polynesia</option> <option value="162">NCAL - New Caledonia</option> <option value="103"> - *other*</option> </select>( *)</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" width="110"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_white/fl_green .gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">City</td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" valign="middle" align="left" width=" 347"><input type="text" name="City" size="30" maxlength="99">(*)<br><i>(ex: Strasbourg)</i></td> </ tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347">&nbsp ;</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width="110"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5 "height="8" border="0" hs pace="3">Discipline</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347"> <select name="Discipline" size="1"> <OPTION value="">- Choose a discipline -</OPTION> <OPTION value="31">Aquathlon</OPTION> <OPTION value="68">Biathlon</OPTION> <OPTION value="32">Bike and Run</OPTION> < OPTION value="61">Bmx</OPTION> <OPTION value="55">Cani-cross</OPTION> <OPTION value="69">Nordic Combined</OPTION> <OPTION value="18">Race on foot (on road)</OPTION> <OPTION value="51">Dog sledding race</OPTION> <OPTION value="56">Obstacle race</OPTION> <OPTION value="39" >Orienteering</OPTION> <OPTION value="87">Snowshoe race</OPTION> <OPTION value="86">Nordic race</OPTION> <OPTION value="26">Cross</OPTION > <OPTION value="62">Indoor Cycling</OPTION> <OPTION value="63">Track Cycling</OPTION> <OPTION value="29">Road Cycling</OPTION> <OPTION value= "64">Cyclo-cross</OPTION> <OPTION value="81">Cycling for all</OPTION> <OPTION value="80">Cyclosportive</OPTION> <OPT ION value="65">Cycling</OPTION> <OPTION value="21">Duathlon</OPTION> <OPTION value="88">Swim and Run</OPTION> <OPTION value="33">Dua- Snow Triathlon</OPTION> <OPTION value="57">Ekiden</OPTION> <OPTION value="46">Horseback Riding</OPTION> <OPTION value="42">Climbing</OPTION> <OPTION value= "44">Golf</OPTION> <OPTION value="52">Gymnastics</OPTION> <OPTION value="54">Wrestling</OPTION> <OPTION value="25">Walking</OPTION> <OPTION value="58">Athletic walking</OPTION> <OPTION value="59">Nordic walking</OPTION> <OPTION value="79">Gourmet walking</OPTION> <OPTION value="36">Mountain< /OPTION> <OPTION value="35">Motorcycle</OPTION> <OPTION value="28">Multi-sports</OPTION> <OPTION value="48">Swimming with fins</OPTION> <OPTION value= "85">Kayaking</OPTION> <OPTION value="66">Open water swimming</OPTION> <OPTION value="83">Whitewater swimming</OPTION> <OPTION value="84">Stand up paddle</OPTION> <OPTION value="30">Swimming</OPTION> <OPTION value="34">Quad</OPTION> <OPTION value="22">Multi-sport raid</OPTION> <O PTION value="40">Hiking</OPTION> <OPTION value="70">Snowshoes (snow)</OPTION> <OPTION value="19">Roller</OPTION> <OPTION value="71"> Ski Jumping</OPTION> <OPTION value="72">Freestyle Skiing</OPTION> <OPTION value="73">Alpine Skiing</OPTION> <OPTION value="37">Cross-Country Skiing</OPTION> <OPTION value="90">Ski touring</OPTION> <OPTION value="74">Speed skiing</OPTION> <OPTION value="75">Freestyle skiing</OPTION> <OPTION value="76" >Telemark Skiing</OPTION> <OPTION value="77">Snowboard</OPTION> <OPTION value="43">Surf (sea)</OPTION> <OPTION value="53">Table Tennis</OPTION > <OPTION value="23">Trail / Nature run</OPTION> <OPTION value="20">Triathlon</OPTION> <OPTION value="27">Ultra</OPTION> <OPTION value="67" >Vetathlon</OPTION> <OPTION value="49">Volley-Ball</OPTION> <OPTION value="24">Mountain bike / Mountain bike</OPTION> <OPTION value="82">Badminton</ OPTION> <OPTION value="89">E-Sport</OPTION> <OPTION value="38">Other</OPTION> </select>(*) </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" width="110"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">Name of the &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;event</td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" valign="middle" align="left" width="347"><input type="text" name="Event_Name" size=" 40" maxlength="99">(*)<br><i>(ex: Courses de Strasbourg)</i></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td > <td width="110"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">Name of &nbsp;&nbsp; &nbsp;the test</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347"><input type="text" name="Name_Proof" size="40" maxlength="99"> (*)<br><i>(ex: 10Km, Marathon, Super Chicks,...)</i></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" width="134"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">Date &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;the proof</td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" valign="middle" align="left" width="281"> <table border="0" cellpadding="1" cellspacing= "0"> <tr> <td><select name="res_day" size="1"> <option value="01">1</option> <option value="02">2</option> < option value="03">3</option> <option value="04">4</option> <option value="05">5</option> <option value="06">6</option > <option value="07">7</option> <option value="08">8</option> <option value="09">9</option> <option value="10">10< /option> <option value="11">11</option> <option value="12">12</option> <option value="13">13</option> <option value="14"> 14</option> <option value="15">15</option> <option value="16">16</option> <option value="17">17</option> <option value="18 ">18</option> <option value="19">19</option> <option value="20">20</option> <option value="21">21</option> <option value= "22">22</option> <option value="23">23</option> <option value="24" selected >24</option> <option value="25">25</option> < option value="26">26</option> <option value="27">27</option> <option value="28">28</option> <option value="29">29</option > <option value="30">30</option> <option value="31">31 </option> </select></td> <td width="5"></td> <td><select name="res_month" size="1"> <option value="01" >January< /option> <option value="02" >February</option> <option value="03" >March</option> <option value="04" >April</option> <option value="05" > May</option> <option value="06" >June</option> <option value="07" >July</option> <option value="08" >August</option> <option value="09 " >September</option> <option value="10" selected >October</option> <option value="11" >November</option> <option value="12" >December</option> </select ></td> <td width="5"></td> <td><select name="res_year" size="1"> <option value="1999" >1999</option> <option value= "2000" >2000</option> <option value="2001" >2001</option> <option value="2002" >2002</option> <option value="2003" >2003</option> <option value="2004" >2004</option> <option value="2005" >2005</option> <option value="2006" >2006</option> <option value="2007" >2007</option> <option value="2008" >2008</option> <option value="2009" >2009</option> <opti on value="2010" >2010</option> <option value="2011" >2011</option> <option value="2012" >2012</option> <option value="2013" >2013</option > <option value="2014" >2014</option> <option value="2015" >2015</option> <option value="2016" >2016</option> <option value="2017" >2017< /option> <option value="2018" >2018</option> <option value="2019" >2019</option> <option value="2020" >2020</option> <option value="2021" selected >2021</option> <option value="2022" >2022</option> </select></td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width= "15"></td> <td width="110" valign="top"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">Remarks</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347"><TEXTAREA name="Remarks" ROWS="5" COLS="37"></TEXTAREA ><br><i>(ex: record broken by ...)</i></td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width="110 ">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347">&nbsp;</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td > <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" width="110 "><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">Name of &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;responsible</td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" valign="middle" align="left" width="347"><input type="text" name="Responsible_Name" size="35" maxlength="99">(*) <br> <i>Name of the person responsible for the results (in case of data format problem)</i> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width= "110"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">Phone of &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;manager</ td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347"><input type="text" name="Telephone_Responsible" size="20" maxlength="99"></td> </tr > <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" width="110"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height ="8" border="0" hspace="3">Email of &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;responsible</td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" valign="middle" align="left" width="347 "><input type="text" name="Email_Responsible" size="35" maxlen gth="99">(*) <br><i>Email must respect the following format: yourname@address.xx (ex:</i> </td> </ tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347">&nbsp ;</td> </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width="110" valign="top"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border="0" hspace="3">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;results file</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width=" 347"><input type="file" name="File" size="25"> (*) <br><i>The file must contain the results corresponding to the test described.</i><br> <br><b>To have the list of mandatory information (for each runner) to provide in the file, <a href="javascript:AffFormatFichier()">click here</a>.</b> </td > </tr> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347 "> <IMG height="12" width="14" src=" /imgs/imgs_divers/warning.gif "> <i>The file must be saved str&eacute; in XLS (Excel), TXT (text with delimiters), ZIP (compressed) or DOC (Word) format.<br>The maximum file size accepted is 30 MB.</i> </td> </tr > <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td width="110">&nbsp;</td> <td valign="middle" align="left" width="347">&nbsp; </td> </tr> </table> <br> <center> <span class="rougesmall"> Before sending us your results, check all your entries.<br> Problems are often related to errors in entered.<br> <br> It may take some time for the file to be transferred to our servers<br> depending on the size of the file and your connection speed.<br> <i><span class="rougesmall ">please wait while transferring.</span></i> <br> </span> </center> <br> <table border="0" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="1" width= "452"> <tr> <td width="15"></td> <td bgcolor="#edf4fc" width="214"><i>(*) = required</i></td> < td bgcolor="#edf4fc" valign="middle" align="right" width="181"><br> <img src=" /imgs/imgs_boutons/valider_vert.gif " width ="60" height="24" border="0" onclick="javascript:CheckEntry();"></td> </tr> </table> </FORM> <br> <table border="0 " cellpadding="1" cellspacing="0" bgcolor="#bdd6ef"> <tr> <td> <table border="0" cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" width="460"> <tr> <td width="8" valign="top" align="left" bgcolor="white"><img src=" /imgs/imgs_flfd_blanc/fl_vert.gif " width="5" height="8" border=" 0" vspace="2"></td> <td valign="middle" align="left" colspan="2" bgcolor="white"> <!-- You have access rights, modification, rectification and deletion of data concerning you (art. 34 of the "Informatique et Libertés" law).<br> To exercise this right, contact <b></b> (<a href=" "></a>)<br> <b>CNIL</b> declaration number: <b>855 098</b><br> --> You have a right to access, modify, rectify and delete data concerning you (art. 34 of the "Informatique et Libertés" law).<br> To exercise this right, contact <b>< /b> (<a href=" " target="_blank"></a>)<br> Number <b>CNIL</b> declaration: <b>855 098</b><br> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <center> <br> <br> </center> <!-- END: CENTER --> </td> </tr> </table> <p><span class= "copyright"> </span></p> </td> </tr> </table> </td> </tr> </table> <br> </BODY> </HTML>




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