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Sat, 25 Sept


Base Roland Naudin Bouzey

Trail de Bouzey Relais 18.5km semi-nocturnal D+ 270m

Nature race organized on the Bouzey site and the Olima forest, by the Roland Naudin base, the Epinal urban community in partnership with ES Thaon Athlétisme.

Registrations are closed
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Trail de Bouzey Relais 18.5km semi-nocturnal D+ 270m
Trail de Bouzey Relais 18.5km semi-nocturnal D+ 270m

Heure et lieu

25 Sept 2021, 19:30

Base Roland Naudin Bouzey, Bouzey, 88390 Sanchey, France


À propos de l'événement




The TRAIL DE BOUZEY is organized by the Community of Agglomeration of Épinal on the facilities of the Base de Loisirs Roland Naudin and the site of Bouzey in partnership

with the FFA ESTHAON Athletics club.

These regulations apply to all events of the Trail de Bouzey.

It is a nature race in semi-autonomy, open to licensees and non-licensees of all nationalities, whose age corresponds to the criteria: categories/distances of the FFA.


Registration opens August 15, 2021.

Registrations will be made via the website ( with secure payment by credit card, or by mail to the following address: Trail de Bouzey

Community of Agglomeration of Épinal. 4 rue Louis Meyer - 88190 Golbey.

Non-timed children's races (athletic awakening, chicks, youngest, minimal): free registration

Timed races: paid and limited registrations

A maximum of 300 competitors for the 8.2 km Trail Court: registration €6

A maximum of 200 competitors for the 18.5 km Nocturne Trail solo or relay: registration €10 solo and 2 x €6 relay.

‐ Online registrations will be closed on Friday September 24, 2021 at 11:59 p.m. within the limits of available places.

‐ Registrations by mail will be closed on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at noon within the limits of available places.

By registering, each runner personally makes the following commitments:

I declare that I have really taken note of the rules and ethics of the race.

I understand and agree to the conditions of participation set out in these rules.

I agree to abide by the rules in all respects.

I declare that I have inquired about the medical contraindications that could concern me and, consequently, discharge the organization from any medical problem that may

occur during the test due to negligence on my part.

Please note: to obtain your bib, you must provide either a license or a medical certificate (see paragraph below) to the organization when picking up the bib.

Medical certificate and License:

The following are accepted for the 8.2 km and 18.5 km timed races on Saturday September 25, 2021:

‐ the presentation of an Athlé Compétition, Athlé Entreprise, Athlé Running licence, issued by the FFA, or a "Pass' J'aime Courir" issued by the FFA and completed by the

doctor, valid on the date of the event, (note: other licenses issued by the FFA

(Health, Supervision and Discovery are not accepted) or a sports license, valid on the date of the event, on which must appear, by all

means, the non-contraindication to the practice of sport in competition, Athletics in competition or running in competition and issued by one of the

following federations:

Federation of Defense Clubs (FCD)

French Federation of Adapted Sports (FFSA)

French Handisport Federation (FFH)

National Police Sports Federation (FSPN)

Sports Federation of ASPTT

Sports and Cultural Federation of France (FSCF)

Sports and Gymnastics Federation of Labor (FSGT)

French Union of Secular Works of Physical Education (UFOLEP)

Or a photocopy of a medical certificate of absence of contraindication to the practice of sport in competition or Athletics in competition or running

in competition dating from less than one year on the date of the competition.

No other document can be accepted to attest to the possession of the medical certificate.

In all cases, the photocopy of the license or the medical certificate must be provided to the organization at the time of collection of the bib (if this was not provided at the time of registration).

registration), failing which no bib can be issued without these supporting documents.

Parental authorization :

For young races: athletic awakening ‐ chicks ‐ youngest – minimal, the signature of the rules serves as proof that the parents have read the rules

of the event and accept all terms and conditions without reservation or restriction. If you have not accepted the settlement, you will be asked to complete the form

parental permission.

Untimed races:

Children born between 2012 and 2014 can only participate in the E‐TRAIL event over a distance of less than 800m.

Children born in 2010 and 2011 can only participate in the MINI‐TRAIL event over a distance of less than 1500m.

Benjamins born in 2008 and 2009 can only participate in the MINI‐TRAIL event over a distance of less than 1500 m X 2 laps: 3 km.

Minimes born in 2006 and 2007 can only participate in the MINI‐TRAIL event over a distance of less than 1500 m X 3 laps: 4.5 km.

Timed races:

Cadets born in 2004 and 2005 can participate only in the 8.2 km and in relay on the 18.5 km

Juniors born in 2002 and 2003 can participate in both races.

Hopes born between 2001 and 1999 can participate in both races.

Seniors born between 1987 and 1998 can participate in both races.

Masters 0 to 10 born in 1986 and before can participate in both races.

NB: Canicrosses are not accepted (on all races).

Entry fees:

All commitments are personal, firm and final, and cannot be reimbursed for any reason whatsoever, except:

Accident and illness justified by a medical certificate of non-fitness/death.

Professional constraints.

Public transport strike.

To obtain a refund, proof (death, work, strike) or a certificate (illness, accident) must be sent to the following address: Community

d'Agglomeration d'Épinal, 4 rue Louis Meyer ‐ 88190 Golbey

Bib withdrawal:

Please note - the bib will be given to the runners:

‐ either by presenting a copy of a certificate or license or by using the registration platform

‐ or at the latest by bringing it on the day of the race to the bib collection.

The collection of bibs will take place at the Base de Loisirs Roland Naudin in Bouzey at the times indicated:

Saturday, September 25 from 4 p.m. for the 18.5 km and 8.2 km trail races and up to ½ hour before the race.

Possibility of bib collection on Thursday September 23 and Friday September 24 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. provided that you register before Tuesday September 21 at 8 p.m.

Journey :

It is a nature race on foot in semi autonomy.

Two trail routes: plotted around the Lac de Bouzey.

Youth races: routes marked out around the Lac de Bouzey.

All departures will take place near the Lac de Bouzey, 200 m from the Base Roland Naudin.

The arrivals of the young races will take place near the lake of Bouzey.

The arrivals of the 8.2 km and 18.5 km Trails will be at the Base Roland NAUDIN.

E‐Trail races ‐ athletic awakening on an 800 m loop around Lake Bouzey

Mini – Trail races, chicks, youngest, minimal on a 1500 m loop around Lake Bouzey.

Short trail of 8.2 km with 100 m of elevation gain.

Night trail of 18.5 km with 270 m of elevation gain.

Relay on the Night Trail:

The relay will take place, near the campsite at the farm, by exchange of a bracelet from the first runner to the second runner

When picking up your bib, you will be given an instruction sheet to go to the relay area and return to the finish

Relay zone address: near the address: 1634 route de Bouzey, 88390 RENAUVOID.

Finish line address: 454 rue des Pins - Base de Loisirs Roland Naudin, 88390 CHAUMOUSEY

Times for Saturday September 25, 2021:

E‐Trail: Athletic awakening race over 800m: departure at 4:00 p.m.

Mini‐Trail: Races for chicks, youngest and youngest on the 1500 m loop(s): departures at 4.30 p.m.

Trail Court: 8.2 km: departure 6:00 p.m. / estimated arrival of the first 6:35 p.m.

Departure either in common, or by wave of 6 runners (according to health restrictions) every minute first departure at 6:00 p.m.)

Night Trail: 18.5 km Solo or Relay: departure 7:30 p.m. / estimated arrival of the first 8:45 p.m.

Departure either in common, or in waves of 6 runners (depending on health restrictions) every minute (first departure at 7:30 p.m.)


At the Camping à la ferme 1634 route de Bouzey, 88390 Renauvoid for the 2 races.

18.5 km: 1 refreshment point halfway through (water, dried fruit, etc.)

8.2 km: 1 refreshment point halfway through (water, dried fruit, etc.)

Only runners wearing a visible and duly checked bib number have access to the refreshment posts.

Light supplies: plain water, sweet and salty foods

Supply arrival: light supply (idem above) + fruit

Supply can be modified according to health restrictions

Any rider seen littering the course will be disqualified.

Garbage cans are placed in large numbers at each aid station and must be used.

Individual assistance is only authorized 20 meters before and 20 meters after the aid stations. Outside these areas, it is prohibited, as is

accompaniment in the race.


Marking will be done with fluorescent tape in height, milestones, markings on the ground at intersections and signs for changes of direction.

The maximum distance between two beacons will be 100m. Beyond this distance, if no marker is in sight, turn around.

Traffic :

The runners must respect the rural code and the highway code as pedestrians on the routes taking parts of the municipal road or crossing it.

Recommended material:

The 2 events of the Trail de Bouzey are races that take place in semi‐autonomy.

Semi-autonomy is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two supply points, both in terms of food and equipment.

clothing and safety, allowing in particular to adapt to problems encountered or foreseeable (bad weather, physical problems, injuries, etc.).

Equipment :

The equipment required complies with the administrative and technical rules specific to trails published by the FFA.

Compulsory equipment:

Headlamp for the nocturnal Trail de Bouzey (departure 7:30 p.m.)

Personal cup for 2 adult races: short trail, semi-nocturnal solo trail and relay.

Recommended material:

Mobile phone, with pre-registered number (emergency: 06 63 42 04 69)

Organization: 06 06 50 32 43 or 06 76 28 26 30

Water reserve of 0.50 liters minimum.

Waterproof windproof jacket in case of bad weather ‐ Whistle

Poles are allowed on the Trail de Bouzey. If you choose to take sticks, it is for the entire duration of the race. It is forbidden to leave without poles and to

recover along the way.

If it is impossible to reach the race headquarters, you can call the organizations directly (especially if you are in an “emergency rescue only” zone): 112

Give up:

In case of abandonment, the competitor must notify and return his bib:

‐ To the person in charge of the refueling station

‐ In the timing lock at the finish

‐ by phone add organization number: 06 06 50 32 43 or 06 76 28 26 30

He will no longer be considered as a participant of the Trail de Bouzey, he will therefore no longer be under the responsibility of the organizer.

It's up to him to reach the finish by his own means.

Results, Awards:

The podiums for the E-Trail and Mini-Trail races, athletic awakening, chicks, youngest, minimal: are made on the finish line at the end of the race.

School challenge:

1 trophy for the school with the highest number of participants in the 2 children's races at 5:15 p.m. at the Roland Naudin Leisure Centre.

Prologue of the VE Inter‐company Performance Challenge: No trophy, classification in the usual categories (Read the agreement between the CAE and the VE which determines

the conditions of participation of the Challengers on the Trail of 18.5 km in duo)

Delivery of other awards:

Prize giving will be given from 8:00 p.m. for the Trail Court 8.2 km

Prize giving will be given from 10:30 p.m. for the Solo Nocturne Trail and 18.5 km relay

For the 8.2 km short trail:

The first 3 men and women of each scratch race will be rewarded with a cup

Reward to the first man and woman of the categories mentioned below.

5 categories: Cadet – Junior (2005 to 2002), Espoir – Senior (2001 to 1987), Master 0 ‐1 (1986 to 1977), Master 2 ‐ 3 (1976 to 1967) and Master 4 and more (1966 to 1930) ‐Handisport

For the night trail in relay 18.5 km:

Men's, Women's and Mixed First Team Cup

For the 18.5 km solo night trail:

The first 3 men and women of each scratch race will be rewarded with a cup

Reward to the first man and woman of the categories mentioned below.

5 categories: Junior ‐ Espoir (2003 to 1999), Senior (1998 to 1987), Master 0 ‐1 (1986 to 1977), Master 2 ‐ 3 (1976 to 1967) and Master 4 and more (1966 to 1930)

The rankings will be available on the following websites, the next day at the latest, on the club's website ( ‐ on in

within 7 days and on the website of the event organizer (agglo‐

Insurance :

Civil liability: The organizer takes out civil liability insurance for the duration of the event.

This civil liability insurance guarantees the pecuniary consequences of its liability, that of its employees and of the participants.

Personal accident: Each competitor must be in possession of personal insurance. Participation in the Trail de Bouzey races will take place under

the full responsibility of the runners, with waiver of any recourse against the organizers whatever the damage suffered or caused. Competitors give up

expressly to assert rights against the organisers.


An Official Jury will be appointed. Its decision-making power is without appeal. The president of the jury is the race director, it is he who will make the final decision following the


Image rights:

Each participant expressly authorizes the organizers of the Trail de Bouzey as well as their successors in title such as partners and media to use fixed images or

audiovisuals on which he could appear, taken on the occasion of his participation in the Trail de Bouzey, on all media including promotional documents and/or

advertising, worldwide and for the longest period provided for by law, regulations, treaties in force, including for any extensions that

could be made to this duration.

Data Protection Act:

In accordance with the data-processing law and freedom of January 6, 1978, each participant has a right of access and rectification of the personal data concerning him.

Conditions of participation :

Participation in the Trail de Bouzey races will be under the full responsibility of the runners, and not towards the organizers regardless of the damage with waiver

to any sudden or occasioned recourse.

Competitors expressly waive the right to assert any rights against the organisers. Competitors undertake not to take any legal action against the organizers

and for any incident that may result from their participation in this event.

Any commitment is firm and definitive, it implies the complete acceptance of the regulation.

Health prevention actions against doping:

The organizer draws participants' attention to compliance with the rules of sporting integrity and sporting ethics, particularly relating to the fight against doping.

Penalty ‐ Disqualification:

Race marshals present on the course, and the heads of post of the various checkpoints and refueling points are authorized to enforce the rules

and to immediately apply (*) a penalty in the event of non-compliance, according to the following text:

Violation of the rules, penalty (*disqualification)

Throwing of rubbish (voluntary act) by a competitor or a member of his entourage: time penalties of 10 minutes

Failure to respect people (organization or runners): immediate disqualification

Failure to assist a person in difficulty: immediate disqualification

Bib not visible: Time penalties of 10 minutes

Refusal to obey an order from the direction of the race, a race marshal, a doctor or a first aider: immediate disqualification

Any other breach of the rules will be subject to a sanction decided by the Race Jury.

Amendment of the rules:

These rules may be modified at any time and without notice by the organizing team until the day of the race.

Any new version of the regulations will be posted on the event website.

Modification, cancellation:

The organization reserves the right to postpone or cancel the event in the event of force majeure (bad weather, etc.) If the event should be canceled due to force majeure

major or for a reason beyond the control of the organization, no refund of registration fees could be made and no compensation received.

The organization also reserves the right to cancel the event for any financial or other reason jeopardizing its existence.

B/ RUNNER'S CHARTER ‐ POST COVID‐19 COMMITMENT ‐ BOUZEY TRAIL 25 SEPTEMBER 2021 (Source FFA health recommendations of 21/7/2020)

Commitment when you register on:

Aware that participation in any event must be done in strict compliance with the health rules transmitted by the government and our values

environmental, as a runner of the event: TRAIL DE BOUZEY of September 25, 2021, I undertake to

1/ Respect the barrier gestures in force, particularly in closed, semi-open or high-density spaces during the event (wearing a mask,

hand washing, physical distancing).

2/ Strictly respect the rules of the race and the measures put in place by the organization to minimize health risks:

> Wearing a mask in the starting area that I keep on me during the race and put it back on after the finish in the line of the exit route

> Run while respecting as much as possible the social distancing in force with the other participants and using the entire width of the roadway

> Do not spit on the ground

> Blow my nose in a single-use tissue that I throw in a trash can

> Do not throw waste on the public highway

> Respect and leave public places clean

> Be equipped and use my own liquid supply container (water bag, water bottle, flask, bottle, cup, etc.), …

3/ Do not physically come into contact with other participants.

4/ Understand that by taking part in the event, I am participating in a gathering of people potentially generating the spread of the coronavirus epidemic if

the barrier measures are not applied by all.

5/ Accept, by taking part in the event, that this health risk is potentially serious for the most vulnerable (over 65, carrier of chronic disease, women


6/ If I presented with Covid‐19 in the weeks and months preceding the race, consult a doctor before my participation to find out if the practice of efforts

intense and my participation in the competition is possible, in particular the races presenting important unevennesses and a fortiori in altitude.

7/ Do not run if I have had symptoms of Covid‐19 for less than 14 days

8/ Demonstrate good citizenship by committing to inform the organization's Covid-19 referent in the event of declaration of the disease after the race.

9/ Download if possible and register on the "StopCovid" application before I come to the event.

10/ Choose events close to your place of residence and requiring little travel and transport.


Constitutional LAW n° 2005-205 of March 1, 2005 relating to the Environmental Charter (JORF n°0051 of March 2, 2005 page 3697) 


That natural resources and balances have conditioned the emergence of humanity; That the future and the very existence of humanity are inseparable from its environment

natural; That the environment is the common heritage of human beings; That man exercises an increasing influence on the conditions of life and on his own evolution

;That biological diversity, human development and the progress of human societies are affected by certain modes of consumption or production and by

the excessive exploitation of natural resources That the preservation of the environment must be sought in the same way as the other fundamental interests of the Nation

;That in order to ensure sustainable development, the choices intended to meet the needs of the present must not compromise the ability of future generations and

other peoples to satisfy their own needs,

PROCLAIMS: Article 2. Everyone has the duty to take part in the preservation and improvement of the environment. Article 3. Any person must, under the conditions

defined by law, prevent the damage it is likely to cause to the environment or, failing that, limit its consequences. Article 4. Everyone must contribute

compensation for the damage it causes to the environment, under the conditions defined by law.

By following all the articles and in particular articles 2-3-4 of the Constitutional Law relating to the environment, the runners of the Trail de Bouzey undertake to:

‐ Stay on the trail of the Trail de Bouzey.

‐ Do not throw anything in the forest and natural areas, use the bins near the flaggers.

‐ To get to the Trail de Bouzey, promote carpooling and soft transport (bicycle / mountain bike) (unsupervised bicycle parking within the grounds of the Leisure Center

Roland Naudin)

‐ Use a personal reusable cup.


  • 4 hours

    Trail de Bouzey Relais 18,5km

    Base Roland Naudin

Inscription 1

  • Registration Relay 2 runners

    Registration for two relay participants.

    Sale ended



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